My Lou Lou

So today’s blog is going to come as no surprise to a lot of my friends, it’s about my little munchkin Louie, like I said in yesterday’s blog Louie is 1. Me and Marko had many discussions about getting a dog and it took a lot of persuading on my side before he actually agreed to getting one. I find getting any pet in a relationship is a very big commitment, you both need to fully be committed to caring for a pet, I’ve grew up with dogs so I love them and I was just dying for a little puppy. So we sat and discussed the type of breeds we both liked, looked on websites to buy dogs and then we came across this one ad on gumtree for Yorkshire terrier pups for sale, I fell in love instantly and knew that I needed one of those puppies in my life, Marko agreed and a few weeks later he travelled to London (I was working that day so couldn’t go) and picked up Louie, there was between 4-5 pups to choose from, Louie jumped into Marko’s bag so it didn’t really take long for the decision to be made that we would take him, he was just 8 weeks old when we got him. We’ve had him for over a year now and I just love him more and more everyday, He is literally like my child, he’s a spoilt little dog and for a boy he is one of the biggest divas ever. He has one the funniest personalities ever and he’s just so awesome, biased I know but hey I’m allowed to be.
So just under a week ago we were walking Lou, he was running around the park like he normally does then all of a sudden he starts to limp, I instantly started to panic and rushed to him to see what had happened, at first I thought he’d just went over funny on his foot, we rang the vet just to be on the safe side, we decided that we would monitor him over night and if the limping stopped we wouldn’t take him in but the limping continued so we booked an appointment for the following day. I had a gut feeling when we got to the vets that it would be something bad, the vet then told us that Louie’s patella in his left knee had popped out-of-place, they needed to do X-rays to determine whether or not he would need surgery.
Two days after the first visit to the vet he was back getting his X-rays done this killed me cause he was left there all day as he needed to be put under anaesthetic, I done everything I could to keep myself busy while he wasn’t at home. Early evening we picked him back up and the vet went through the X-rays with us and showed us how the patella should actually be in his knee and how it actually was, he then told us that Louie would need surgery on his knee to fix his patella and make the socket in his knee deeper so that the ball would sit right. There was 2 different paths this surgery could have went, one way was just cutting open the knee and just rearranging the ball and making the socket deeper for the ball to fit right, the other was actually cutting open his knee and having to place pins in his knee, I prayed it was the first one.
3 days ago Louie was at the vets yet again, this time for his surgery, he went in at 9am and we weren’t able to pick him up till 6pm cause this time the anaesthetic was a lot stronger to make sure he slept the whole time, again waiting to go pick him up felt like a lifetime the house just feels so empty and quite whenever he isn’t around. So it got to 6pm and we went to pick him up, the vet went through the procedure with us and told us what he had done, luckily he only had to have the ball and socket rearranged so no pins we’re inserted. When we picked him up he had a bandage round his whole leg and a cone around his head to prevent him from getting to the bandage which he still manages to do cause he manages to take the cone off with his feet.

It’s now been two days since the surgery and let’s just say I’ve had very minimal sleep because Louie has kept me awake with his moaning and groaning and constantly trying to take his cone off his head, thankfully he gets his bandage off tomorrow so that might make him feel a little bit more relaxed, comfortable and will hopefully stop him constantly trying and succeeding to bite me.

Heres hoping that once his bandage is off I can actually manage to get a full decent nights sleep.
Below are some my favourite pictures of Louie, from the very first day we got him, to the most recent one on the day he had his surgery. 

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