A little insight into my life

Ok so first things first I should really bring you into my life a little bit more, introduce you to the most important people in my life, what I’m all about and what I hope this blog intends to bring to its readers. 

So as you guys saw from my very short intro blog I’m Sarah, 23 years old from Northamptonshire, I live with my partner of a year and a half Marko and our little Yorkshire terrier Louie who has just gone 1. I would say I live a very normal happy life, I’m surrounded by the right group of friends, a very supporting and loving family and a very loving and caring partner. I’m just your bog standard 23-year-old woman, I love love loveeeee my food although I’m now healthy eating and not having crisps and naughty treats for almost a month is absolutely killing me, but I’m powering through. I’m a fond lover of elephants, I genuinely think that if I ever got to see one up close and personal I would actually have a break down and cry. Funny story about elephants and my love for them, Marko once took me to London ZSL Zoo when we first started dating so that I could see the elephants, we had a fun-filled day planned of going to all the London sights, but nothing excited me more than getting to the zoo and seeing the elephants. We were walking around the zoo for a good 2 hours and I couldn’t see any signs for elephants anywhere it turns out he had taken me to the wrong zoo and there wasn’t actually any elephants at all, however there were giraffes and we managed to get so close to them like literally touching distance away so that did make me feel that little bit better. A year and a half later though and I’m still waiting to revisit a zoo where there’s actually elephants.

So I moved back to my home town of Northamptonshire to move in with Marko just under 2 years ago now, our relationship went from 0 to 100 very quickly but I really wouldn’t have it any other way, when you know you know. But moving back here after living up North in Sunderland for 12 years meant that I wasn’t so close to the friends I left behind all them years ago meaning I needed to make new friends, and that’s just what I did, I got a job working at the cinema and I now have very close friends who I believe and hope will be in my life for a very long time to come. The only disadvantage of living back here is that I am so far away from my family, I’m a very family orientated person so only seeing my parents 2-3 times a year and my brother 1-2 times a year is very hard for me but whenever I do see them it makes the time we spent apart worth it. 

 As my first photo showed on my first blog I love a good old snapchat filter but I mean who doesn’t love them right? Social media plays a major role in my life, especially snapchat and Instagram, I love keeping my friends and family in the loop with my going ons and basically just updating them with my life here and there, my parents seem to love it, my dad now even has Instagram although I’m not really sure he knows how to use it properly, maybe the next time he visits ( which is in just over 3 weeks might I add) I’ll get him to upload his first picture and show him the ropes. 

I’m hoping this blog brings enjoyment to the readers just as much as it brings me enjoyment writing them. Expect a new blog every day or every other day depending on how my day is going and if I have good enough content that I’m happy enough to post for you guys to read. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, any feedback positive or negative is very much appreciated. 

The photo’s above are from left to right, Myself, Marko and Louie, One of my favourite pictures I got of the giraffe at the zoo & lastly my favourite ever photo of my parents and brother. 



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